May 13, 2018 Mojisola Ogunlola


I was an infant

When we became acquainted

It must have been about the time

When people attempted to make me crawl

By cruelly placing my toys out of reach

Now I’m at the brink of thirty

Yet her words taste the same –

Like honey or melted butter

I’m unable to refuse


Every once in a while

I ponder a little

Then decide it’s best

At least convenient

To consider her counsel

After all

You Only Live Once

And there is no better time

To get work done

Than to-day after tomorrow


Decades have since passed

And all my tomorrow’s are fully assembled

Like an angry army

Swiftly approaching


As ghosts from my past

Now intense fear grips me

And pressure mounts me

Just before I call in sick,

Tell some white lies

And then some more

I am certain

This will buy me some time

At least

Until tomorrow is here.


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