Silent Words

Silent Words
May 10, 2018 Mojisola Ogunlola


Bruised, burnt and broken

Lost in the way like a desolate infant

Groping in the dark with no direction

Consequences of misdeeds could this be?

Trapped in the fangs of misery’s company

Drowning continually

As the lonely days creep by

With Silent Words now I scream

For desperate rescue

From life’s deadly sea

Shall I be heard?


Torn between a world of choices

Confusion lays siege against me

And my weary heart grows heavier

What shall I do when the light is gloomy

When the whispers in my ears are too loud to comprehend

When the soothing breath of fresh air

Is now more costly than bread

When disarray has overthrown the rule of peace

If I dance

To the cacophonic tunes life often plays

Shall I be insane?


A fine glimpse of the future

Bright flashes of genuine hope

The assurance of a lucent morning

Slowly calm my raging storm

Furnishing me with a peaceful tranquillity

As conviction strengthens my heart’s ability

Surely I must stand still

In the face of life’s present perils

I must wait patiently

For the passing of the dark night

Surely I shall dance

And speak my silent words

Till I overcome!


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